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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

204. The configuration which provides both high current gain and high voltage gain of transistor amplifier is
A. common base
B. common collector
C. common emitter
D. none of the above
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205. A transistor-terminal current is positive when the
A. current is due to flow of electrons
B. current is due to flow of holes
C. electrons flow into the transistor at the terminal
D. electrons flow out of the transistor at the terminal
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206. A transistor is said to be in quiescent state when
A. no signal is applied to the input
B. no currents are flowing
C. it is unbiased
D. emitter junction and collector-junction biases are equal
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207. The most noticeable effect of a small increase in temperature in the CE transistor is the
A. increase in the A.C. current gain
B. decrease in the A.C. current gain
C. increases in 'CEO
D. increases in the output resistance fIMEL 20001
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208.  If for a silicon n-p-n transistor, the base-to-emitter voltage (VBE) is 0.7 V and the collector-to-base voltage (VcB) is 0.2 V, then the transistor is operating in the
A. normal active mode
B. sturation mode
C. inverse active mode
D. cutoff mode
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209. Consider the following statements Si and S2. SI : The 13 of a bipolar transistor reduces if the base width is increased. S2 : The of a bipolar transistor increases if the doping concentration in the base is increased. Which one of the following is correct?
A. SI is FASLSE and S2 is TRUE
B. Both S1 and S2 are TRUE
C. Both SI and S2 and FALSE
D. SI is TRUE and S2 is FALSE
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210. Consider an abrupt p-junction. Let V!,i be the built-in potential of this junction and VII be the applied reverse bias. If the junction capacitance (Cj) is 1 pF for Vbi + VR = 1V, then for V . + VR = 4V 9 C. will be
A. 4 pF
B. 2 pF
C. 0.25 pF
D. 0.5 pF
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