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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

190. With two diodes connected back to back with emitter diode forward biased and collector diode reverse biased.
A. emitter and collector currents are nearly equal and base current is very small
B. emitter and base currents are nearly equal and collection current is very small
C. base and collector currents are nearly equal and emitter current is large
D. none of the above
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191.  Current base part of a transistor behaves like
A. constant current source
B. forward biased diode
C. a resistance
D. none of the above
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192.  Majority carriers emitted by the emitter
A.mostly recombine in base region
B. mostly pass through the base region
C. are stopped by the collector junction barrier
D. recombine in the collector region
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193. The following relationships between a and 0 are correct except
A. 1 ? cc =1
B. a = 1 ++ 13a
C. ri =a
D. oc = 1 ? 13
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194. A P-N-P transistor has
A. only acceptor ions
B. only donor ions
C. two P-regions and one N-region
D. three P-N junctions
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195. Regarding common emitter configuration which of the following statements is incorrect?
A.Its output resistance is very high
B. It is the only circuit which has voltage and current gains higher than unity
C. Its power gain is the best
D. none of the above
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196. The active region of the output characteristics for a common base transistor is that in which
A. emitter is forward-biased but collector is reverse-biased
B. both emitter and collector are forward-biased
C. collector is forward-biased and emitter is reverse-biased
D. both emitter and colector are reversed-biased
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