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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

176. A dot near the transistor pin denotes
A. emitter
B. base
C. collector
D. none of the above
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177. In a transistor symbol, if slant line arrow head is drawn towards the bar, then the transistor is
A. P-N-P
B. N-P-N
C. either of the above
D. none of the above
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178. Resistance across which of the following two pairs of transistor be nearly equal?
A. Emitter base, emitter collector
B. Emitter base, base collector
C. Base collector, collector emitter
D. None of the above
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179. which of the following is valid for both P-N-P as well as N-P-N transistors?
A. The emitter injects holes into the base region
B. The electrons are the minority carriers in the base region
C. The EB junction is forward biased for active operation
D. When biased in the active region, current flows into emitter terminal
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180. In a transistor with normal bias
A. the emitter junction offers high resistance
B. the emitter junction is reverse biased
C. the emitter junction hasa low resistance
D. none of the above
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181.  Which region of a transistor is lightly doped?
A. Collector
B. Base
C. Emitter
D. All regions are equally doped
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182. Semiconductor is a material which
A. allows one type of carriers alone to pass through it
B. has conductivity greater than insulator
C. allows current to flow in one direction but not in the opposite direction
D. all the above
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