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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

127. The disadvantage abase resistor method of transistor biasing is that it
A. is complicated
B. is sensitive to changes is fi
C. provides high stability
D. none of the above
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128. The biasing circuit has a stability factor of 50. If due to temperature change, 1"0 change by 1 flA, then Ic will change by
A. 100 AA
B. 25 AA
C. 20 AA
D. 50 p,A
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129. For good stabilisation in voltage divider bias, the current II flowing through R1 and R2 should be equal to or greater than
A. 10 IB
B. 3 IB
C. 2 IB
D. 4 IB
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130. The leakage current in a silicon transistor is about the leakage current in a germanium transistor.
A. one hundredth
B. one tenth
C. one thousandth
D. one millionth
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131.  The operating point is also called the
A. cut off point
B. quiescent point
C. saturation point
D. none of the above
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132. For proper amplification by a transistor circuit, the operating point should be located at of the d.c. load line.
A. the end point
B. middle
C. the maximum current point
D. none of the above
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133. The operating point on the a.c. load line.
A. also lies
B. does not lie
C. may or may not lie
D. data insufficient
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