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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

120.  For proper operation of the transistor,its collector should have
A. proper forward bias
B. proper reverse bias
C. very small size
D. none of the above
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121. For faithful amplification by a transistor circuit, the value of VcE should for silicon transistor.
A. not fall below 1 V
B. be zero
C. be 0.2 V
D. none of the above
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122. The circuit that provides the best stabilisation of operating point is
A. base resistor bias
B. collector feedback bias
C. potential divider bias
D. none of the above
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123. The point of intersection of d.c. and a.c. load lines represents
A. operating point
B. current gain
C. voltage gain
D. none of the above
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124. An ideal value of stability factor is
C. more than 200
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125. The zero signal lc is generally mA in the initial stages of a transistor amplifier.
D. more than 10
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126. If the maximum collector current due to signal alone is 3 mA, then zero signal collector current should be atleast equal to
A. 6 mA
B. 1.5 mA
C. 3 mA
D. 1 inA
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