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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

113. The collector-base junction in a transistor has
A. forward bias at all times
B. reverse bias at all times
C. low resistance
D. none of the above

114. Transistor biasing represents conditions.
A. a.c.
B. d.c.
C. both a.c. and d.c.
D. none of the above

115. Transistor biasing is done to keep in the circuit.
A. proper direct current
B. proper alternating current
C. the base current small
D. collector current small

116.  Operating point represents
A. values of lc and VcE when signal is applied
B. the magnitude of signal
C. zero signal values of lc and VcE
D. none of the above

117. If biasing is not done in an amplifier circuit, it results in
A. decrease in base current
B. unfaithful amplification
C. excessive collector bias
D. none of the above

118.  Transistor biasing is generally provided by a
A. biasing circuit
B. bias battery
C. diode
D. none of the above

119. For faithful amplification by a transistor circuit, the value of VBE should for a silicon transistor.
A. be zero
B. 0.01 V
C. not fall below 0.7 V
D. be between 0 V and 0.1 V

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