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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

106. A transistor is connected in CB mode. If it is now connected in CE mode with same bias voltages, the values of IE, Is and I will
A. remain the same
B. increase
C. decrease
D. none of the above

107. If the value of a is 0.9, then value of is

108. In a transistor, signal is transferred from a circuit.
A. high resistance to low resistance
B. low resistance to high resistance
C. high resistance to high resistance
D. low resistance to low resistance

109. The arrow in the symbol of a transistor indicates the direction of
A. electron current in the emitter
B. electron current in the collector
C. hole current in the emitter
D. donor ion current

110. The leakage current in CE arrangement is that in CB arrangement.
A. more than
B. less than
C. the same as
D. none of the above

111. A heat sink is generally used with a transistor to
A. increase the forward current
B. decreases the forward current
C. compensate for excessive doping
D. prevent excessive temperature rise

112.  The most commonly used semiconductor in the manufacture of a transistor is
A. germanium
B. silicon
C. carbon
D. none of the above

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