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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

64. Unique features of a CC amplifier circuit is that it
A. steps up the impedance level
B. does not increase signal voltage
C. acts as an impedance matching device
D. all of the above

65. The input impedance 1111 of a network with output shorted is given by the ratio
A. vi /
B. vi /2
C. i2 /
D. i2 / v2

66. the h-parameters of a transistor depend on its
A. configuration
B. operating point
C. temperature
D. all of the above

67. The output admittance 110 of an ideal transistor connected in CB configuration is Siemens
B. hr
C. 1/re
D. ?1

68. A transistor has hie = 100, hie = 5.2 K and rbb = 0. At room temperature, VT = 26 mV, the collector current, I lc I will be
A. 10 mA
B. 5 tnA
C. 1 mA
D. 0.5 mA

69.  A transistor has
A. one pn junction
B. two pn junctions
C. three pn junctions
D. four pn junctions

70. The number of depletion layers in a transistor is
A. four
B. three
C. one
D. two

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