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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

1. The current amplification factor alpha dc (ccic) is given by
A. lc / IE
B. lc / IB
C. IB / IE
D. IB / Ic
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2. Which of the undergiven expression for leakage current in a CE circuit is false?
A. 10EO (I + l) 'co
B. 'CEO = lal( 1 ? a)
D. 'CEO = ? 0)1B
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3.  If a = 0.98, then ratio I is
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4.  In the normal operation of a PNP transistor, its junctions are biased
A. both forward
B. both reverse
C. emitter-base : reverse collector-base : forward
D. emitter-base : forward collector-base : reverse
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5.  A PNP transistor has
A. only donor ions
B. only acceptor ions
C. two P-regions and one N-region
D. three P-N junctions
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6. In a properly-biased NPN transistor, most of the electrons from the emitter
A. recombine with holes in the base
B. recombine in the emitter itself
C. pass through the base to the collector
D. are stopped by the junction barrier
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7. If a transistor is required to match 100 a signal source with a high impedance output circuit, the connection that would be used is
A. common-base
B. common-collector
C. common-emitter
D. emitter follower
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