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ECE Objective Questions { BJT Amplifiers and Transistor }

8. A CE amplifier is characterised by
A. low voltage gain
B. moderate power gain
C. signal phase reversal
D. very high outupt impedance

9.  In a CC amplifier, voltage gain
A. cannot qceed unity
B. depends on output impedance
C. is dependent on input signal
D. is always constant

10. A transistor amplifier with 85% efficiency is likely to be class ?
A. A
B. B
C. C

11.  A class ?A amplifier is that in which
A. base is biased to cut-off
B. lc flows most of the time
C. IE flows all the time
D. Vc often rises to Vcc

12. Class-A amplifier is used when
A. no phase inversion is required
B. highest voltage gain is required
C. dc voltages are to be amplified
D. minimum distortion is desired

13.  In a class-A amplifier, conduction extends over 360? because Q-point is
A. located on load line
B. located near saturation point centred on load line
C. located at or near cut-off point

14. In a class-A amplifier, worst-case condition occurs with
A. zero signal input
B. maximum signal input
C. high load resistance
D. transformer coupling

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