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ECE Objective Questions { BJT Amplifiers and Transistor }

92. The maximum overall efficiency of a transformer coupled class-A amplifier is ? per cent.

93. A transistor audio amplifier is found to have an overall efficiency of 70 per cent.Most probably, it is a amplifier
A. class-B push-pull
B. single-stage class-C
C. transformer-coupled class-A
D. direct-coupled class-A

94. The main purpose of using transformer coupling in a class-A amplifier is to make it more
A. distortion-free
B. bulky
C. costly
D. efficient

95. A class-B push-pull amplifier has the main advantage of being free from
A. any circuit imbalances
B. unwanted noise
C. even-order harmonic distortion
D. dc magnetic saturation effects

96. Crossover distortion occurs in amplifiers.
A. push-pull
B. class-A
C. class-B
D. class AB

97. The maximum overall efficiency of a class-B push-pull amplifier cannot exceed ? per cent.

98. The dissipation at the collector is zero in the quiescent state and increases with excitation in the case of a
A. class A series-fed amplifier
B. class A transistor coupled amplifier
C. class AB amplifier
D. class B amplifier

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