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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { BJT Amplifiers and Oscillators }

1. A transistor with hie = 1.5 K and hie = 75 is used in an emitter follower circuit where R1 and R2 are used for normal biasing. Approximate value of its current amplification is
C. 75/76
D. ?75
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2. A certain percentage of negative feedback does not yield a fixed reduction in gain because it depends on
A. transistor configuration
B. ambient temperature
C. initial value of gain
D. leakage current of the transistor
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3. If the feedback factor of an amplifier is 0.1 and gain without feedback is 40, then its gain with feedback is
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4. Regarding improvements obtained by using negative voltage feedback which statement is false?
A. increased gain stability
B. increased bandwidth
C. increased noise
D. decreased distortion
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5. An amplifier has a bandwidth of 20 kHz and a midband gain of 50 without feedback. If a negative feedback of 1% is applied, than bandwidth with feedback is ?kHz.
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6. An amplifier without feedback has a distortion of 15% and gain of 40. When 10% negative feedback is applied, the distortion will become ?percent.
B. ?45
D. ?5
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7.  In an audio amplifier, audio signals become garbled and hence difficult to understand when ac input current is large enough to drive the output to
A. saturation only
B. cut-off only
C. either saturation or cut-off
D. a value off the load line
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