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ECE Objective Questions { Antenna }

50.  Which of the following is not a reason for the use of antenna coupler?
A. To discriminate against harmonics
B. To make the antenna link resistive
C. To prevent reradiation of the local oscillator
D. To provide the output amplifier with the correct load impedances

51.  An antenna is synonymous to which of the following ?
A. Transformer
B. Reflector
C. Regulator
D. Generator

52.  Waveguides are generally used above
A. 200 MHz
B. 600 MHz
C. 1000 MHz
D. 200 GHz

53.  Which of the following is an essential condition for antenna array to be linear?
A. Any two individual antennas of the array must not be in the same direction
B. Individual antennas of the array must be of equal size
C. Individual antennas of the array must be equally spaced along a straight line
D. None of the above

54.  constitute the loss resistance of an antenna.
A. Loss in earth connections
B.(d) Dielectric loss
C. Leakage loss in insulation
D. All of the above

55. Which of the following antennas are commonly used for microwave links?
A. Rhombic antennas
B. Loop antennas
C. Log periodic antennas
D. Parabolloidal dishes

56. A log periodic antenna is a antenna.
A. directional
B. frequency dependent
C. frequency independent
D. none of the above

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