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ECE Objective Questions { Antenna }

29. An antenna above its critical frequency is
A. resistive
B. capacitive
C. inductive
D. any of the above

30. Forantenna, the length is X14.
A. Hertz
B. Dipole
C. Marconi
D. Discone

31. Microwave signals transmitted towards the sky are
A. unable to reach the ionosphere because of strong absorption in the lower atmosphere
B. strongly reflected by the ionosphere
C. strongly absorbed by the ionosphere
D. transmitted through the ionosphere

32. Anomalous propagation is caused by which of the following?
A. Troposcatter
B. Super-refractive duct
C. Metereological factors
D. None of the above

33. For antenna the length is X/2.
A. Monopole
B. Hertz
C. Discone
D. None of the above

34. A rhombic antenna is a
A. resonant antenna
B. non-resonant antenna
C. either of the above
D. none of the above

35.  The bandwidth of a parabolic dish antenna
A. is independent of the dish diameter
B. decreases with decrease in the dish diameter
C. decreases with increase in the dish diameter
D. none of the above

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