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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Antenna }

134. The power gain of a half wave dipole with respect to an isotropic radiator is
A. 1 db
B.2.15 db
C. 3 db
D. 6 db
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135. The numbered statements at the left are to be matched with the lettered statements at the right(1) Loop antenna (a) Flat line (2) Folded dipole (b) 30011(3) SWR of 1(c) Sharp broad side full(4) VHF band (d) 30 to 300 MHz Which of the following represents the matching pairs?
A. 1 ? a, 2 ? b, 3 ? c, 4 ? d
B. 1 ? d, 2 ? c, 3 ? b, 4 ? a
C. 1 ? c, 2 ? b, 3 ? a, 4 ? d
D. 1 ? b, 2 ? c, 3 ? a, 4 ? d
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136. The discone antenna is
A. a useful direction finding antenna
B. used as a radar receiving antenna
C. useful as a UHF receiving antenna
D. circular polarized like other circularly antenna
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137. An antenna gain of four times in voltage is how many dB?
A. 4 db
B. 6db
C. 8 db
D. 12 db
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138. The slotted waveguide antenna
A. has slots cut in the waveguides wall to disturb current
B. has slots cut in the waveguides wall that do not disturb current
C. can have slots cut only in the wide wall
D. can have slots cut only in the narrow wall.
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139. Consider a lossless antenna with a directive gain of +6dB. If 1 mW of power is fed to it the total power radiated by the antenna will be
A. 4 mW
B. 1 mW
C. 7 mW
D. 1/4 mW
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140. A television receiving antenna that has to use two parasitic elements in addition to the driven foldeddipole would preferrably use
A. 2 directors
B. 2 reflectors
C. one director and one reflector
D. none of these
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