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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Antenna }

92. That portion of a plane near the antenna, Perpendicular to the direction of radiation, through which major part of radiation passes is called
A. near field region
B. antenna aperature
C. effective antenna diameter
D. effective radiating area
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93. The region of the field of antenna where the angular field distribution is essentially independent of radial distance from the antenna is called the
A. near field region
B. induction field region
C. crossover region
D. far field region
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94. According to Siegel and Labus, antenna can be treated as
A. closed transmission line
B. shorted transmission line
C. earthed transmission line
D. opened-out transmission line
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95. A radio antenna 1 cm diameter conductor is stretched horizontally 10 meres above the ground. The capacitance of antenna per unit length neglecting end effects will be nearly
A. 0.67 pF
B. 6.7 pF
C. 6.7 RF
D. 67 tF
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96. The directive gain of an antenna is given by
A. 20?
B.(c) 60?
C. (b) 40?
D. 30?
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97. In case of antenna the ratio of the power radiated in the desired direction to the power radiated in the opposite direction is known as
A. transmission efficiency
B. front to back ratio
C. loss coefficieny
D. none of the above
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98. Front to back ratio can be increased by
A. sacrificing gain
B. increasing size of conductor
C. using materials of high conductivity
D. all of the above
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