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ECE Objective Questions { Analog Communication System }

43. An FM signalis modulated by an 8 kHz sine wave and has maximum and minimum frequencies of 100.05 MHz and 99.95 MHz respectively. Its deviation frequency is
A. 100 kHz
B. 100 MHz
C. 50 IcHz
D. 1081cHz

44. In frequency modulation for a given frequency deviation, the modulation index varies as the modulating frequency.
A. inversely
B. directly
C. independently
D. two times

45. In an FM signal, the power as the modulation index increases.
A. increasese
B. reduces
C. remains constant
D. none of above

46. The noise performance ofa wideband FM system
A. is generally poorer than that of an AM system
B. is independent of signal-to-noise ratio
C. exhibits a threshold
D. is independent of modulation index.

47. A 4-kHz audio-signal modulates a 125-MHz carrier, causing a frequency deviation of 5 kHz. The bandwidth of the narrow band FM signal is

48. If input and output impedances are equal, doubled, its volume is increased by

49. If output power of a radio receiver is decibel gain is given by
A. 10 log10v2iv I
B. 20 log1 12l
C. 20 log10v1N2
D. 20 logioviv

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