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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Analog Communication System }

232.  FM discriminator changes the FM signal into
A. FM signal
B. AM signal
C. either of the above
D. none of the above
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233.  Which of the following cannot be used to demodulate SSB?
A. Complete phase shift generators
B. Diode balanced modulator
C. Product detector
D. Bipolar transistor balanced modulator
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234. Sky wave propagation is used for transmission
A. long distance
B. medium distance
C. short distance
D. mobile
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235. The bandwidth requirement for VSB system is the bandwidth for SSB system.
A. same as
B. less than
C. more than
D. double
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236.  microphone does not have a flat frequency response.
A. Crystal
B. Ribbon
C. Condenser
D. Carbon
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237. In case of FM, which of the following statements is not a reason for high signal-to-noise ratio?
A. Interference from other FM transmitter is very less
B.(a) There is less noise at frequencies at which FM is used
C. Amplitude limiters are incorporated in FM receivers
D. None of the above
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238. The modulation index of a narrowband FM signal is
A. nearly equal to 1
B. much less than 1
C. much greater than 1
D. 40 percent
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