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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Analog Communication System }

218.  Which of the following statements is correct? In the spectrum of frequency-modulated wave
A. the total number of sidebands depends on the modulation index
B. the carrier frequency disappears when the modulation index is large
C. the carrier frequency cannot disappear
D. the amplitude of any sideband depends on the carrier modulation index
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219.  The output of transmitter is 100 kW with carrier unmodulated and 132 kW when the carrier is modulated by a sinusoidal wave, then depth of modulation is
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220.  The modulating index, for a PM signal, depends upon which of the following?
A. Only the amplitude of the modulating signal
B. Only the frequency of the modulating signal
C. Both the amplitude and frequency of the modulating signal
D. The frequency of the carrier signal amongst other things
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221.  Which of the following are suppressed by the transmitter in S.S.B.?
A. audio and one of the sideband frequencies
B. Carrier and one of the sideband frequencies
C. Carrier and audio frequency
D. None of the above
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222.  Regarding the Armstrong modulation system, which of the following statements is incoreect?
A. Frequency multiplication must be used
B. Equalisation is unnecessary
C. The system is basically phase, not frequency modulation
D. AFC is not needed
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223. In a ratio detector
A. the circuit is the same as in a discriminator except that the diode are reversed
B. the linearity is worse than in a phase discriminator
C. the output is twice that obtainable from a similar phase discriminator
D. stabilization against signal strength variations is provided
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224. A heterodyne frequencychanger is called a
A. frequency translator
B. mixer
C. modulator
D. none of the above
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