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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Analog Communication System }

176.  Is it possible to generate FM signal from a PM signal?
A. yes
B. no
C. not always
D. none of these
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177.  Signals A and B frequency modulate a carrier with Armstrong technique. Signals A and B respectively have frequencies of 10 kHz and 16 kHz with
A. an AM signal
B.NBFM signal
C.NBPM signal
D. none of these
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178.  Chief advantage of Armstrong modulator is that
A. it is capable of producing WBFM (Wide Band FM signals)
B. the centre frequency (carrier frequency when unmodulated) is extremely stable
C. a large depth of modulation can be achieved
D. none of these
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179.  In a communication system noise effects the signal mostly
A. at the destination
B. in the channel
C. in the information source
D. at the transmitter
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180.  Which of the following statements is incorrect?Modulation is used to
A. allow the use of practical antennas
B. separate differing transmissions
C. reduce the bandwidth
D. ensure intelligence to be transmitted over long distances
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181.  Communication consits of electrical means of information.
A. sending
B. receiving
C. processing
D. all of the above
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182.  Ampntude modulation is used for broadcasting because as compared to other systems
A. it can provide the necessary bandwidth for high fidelity
B. it requires less transmitting power
C. its use avoids receiver complexity
D. it is more immune to noise
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