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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Analog Communication System }

155. In a 100% amplitude modulated signal, the power in the upper sideband when the carrier power is 100 watts and the modulation system is SSBSC is
A. 25 watts
B. 100 watts
C. 50 watts
D. none of these
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156. The percentage saving in power of 100% modulated SSBSC amplitude modulated signal as compared to DSB signal is
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157. In a single side band suppressed carrier AM system, the modulation index is changed from 0 to 1. If thecarrier power is 200 watts, the power content of the signal is
A. unchanged
B. doubled
C. halved
D. increased by 50 watts
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158. Modulation system used for video modulation in television broadcast is
A. DSB AM with carrier
B. SSB AM with carrier
D. a modified form of SSB with carrier called vestigial sideband (VSB)
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159. The biggest advantage of VSB system is
A. that it conserves bandwidth and overcomes the problem of low video frequency attenuation
B. lesser power requirement
C. its bandwidth conservation
D. simplicity of transmitter circuitry
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160. According to CCIR standards, in vestigial sideband transmission, video frequencies upto
A. 4 MHz are transmitted
B. 5 MHz are transmitted
C. 4.5 MHz are transmitted
D. none of these
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161. In a VSB system, the power contained in the sidebands due to a modulating frequency of 4 MHz is 50 watts, the power in the sidebands due to a modulating frequency of 0.5 MHz
A. is 50 watts
B. is 100 watts
C. is 25 watts
D. can not be determined from given data
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