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ECE Objective Questions { Analog Communication System }

106. The purpose of pilot carrier in SSB is
A. to provide increased bandwidth
B. to reduce power consumption
C. improved noise immunity
D. frequency stabilisation

107. FM and AM transmitters are to be compared. Which of the following statement is valid?
A. AM transmitter is more efficient as compared to FM transmitter
B. FM transmitter is more efficient as compared to AM transmitter
C. FM and AM transmitters have the same efficiency
D. Efficiency of transmitters depends on frequency only

108. The antenna loading capacitor C3 is adjusted for
A. minimum output
B. desired output
C. minimum RF antenna current
D. none of the above

109. The maximum I or V on the modulated carrier wave is 5 units and the minimum is 3 units. The percentage of modulation will be

110. Leak type bias is used in a plate-modulated class C amplifier to
A. prevent tuned circuit damping
B. prevent overmodulation
C. increase the bandwidth
D. prevent excessive grid current

111. Which one of the following is an indirect way of generating EM.?
A. Armstrong modulator
B. Varactor diode modulator
C. Reactance FET modulator
D. Reactance bipolar transistor modulator

112. When ma is the depth of modulation and E, is the carrier voltage amplitude, magnitude of side bands is given by
A. 2 tria.Ec
B. mEcm .
C. a c
D. Em,,.E

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