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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Utilisation of Electrical Energy }

22. The failure of a thermal relay may occur due to
A. motor and relay in different ambient temperatures
B. relay previously damaged by short-circuit
C. mechanical binding
D. all of these

23. According to Indian Electricity rules, extra high voltage implies voltage exceeding
A. 440 V
B. 66 kV
C. 33 kV
D. 110 kV

24. Resistivity of earth increases sharply if the moisture falls below

25. Earth electrodes can be in the form of
A. rods and pipes
B. strips
C. plates
D. all of these

26. PVC conduits can be buried on
A. lime
B. plaster
C. concrete
D. any of these

27. Mixture preferred for filling around the earth for electrode efective earthing is
A. bone-meat mixture
B. coal-salt mixture
C. saw-dust sand mixture
D. lime-sand mixture

28. Earthing is used as the return conductor for
A. telephone lines
B. telegraph lines
C. traction work
D. all of these

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