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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Utilisation of Electrical Energy }

232. In India, electrification of railway track was done for the first time in which of the following years?
A. 1820-1825
B. 1880-1885
C. 1925-1932
D. 1947-1954
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233. Sun i transmission is
A. electrical-pneumatic
B. mechanical-electrical
C. hydro-mechanical
D. hydro-pneumatic
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234. In case of a steam engine an average coal consumption per km is nearly
A. 150 to 175 kg
B. 100 to 120 kg
C. 60 to 80 kg
D. 28 to 30 kg
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235. Which of the following happens in Kando system?
A. Three phase A.C. is converted into D.C.
B. Single phase A.C. is converted into D.C.
C. Single phase supply is converted into three phase system
D. None of the above
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236. For which of the following locomotives the maintenance requirements are the least?
A. Steam locomotives
B. Diesel locomotives
C. Electric locomotives
D. Equal in all of the above
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237. Which of the following methods is used to control speed of 25 kV, 50 Hz single phase traction?
A. Reduced current method
B. Tap changing control of transformer
C. Series parallel operation of motors
D. All of the above
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238. If the co-efficient of adhesion on dry rails is 0.26, which of the following could be the value for wet rails?
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