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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Utilisation of Electrical Energy }

225. The return circuit for tramcars is through
A. neutral wire
B. rails
C. cables
D.common earthing
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226. Specific energy consumption is least in service.
A. main line
B. urban
C. suburban
D. none ofthe above
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227. Locomotives with monometer bogies have
A. uneven distribution of tractive effect
B. suitability for passanger as well as freight service
C. lot of skidding
D. low co-efficient of adhesion
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228. ____ was the first city in India to adopt electric traction.
A. Delhi
B. Madras
C. Calcutta
D. Bombay
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229. ___ frequency is not common in low frequency traction system
A. 40 Hz
B. 25 Hz
C. 16 -3 Hz
D. none of the above
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230. For 25 kV single phase system power supply frequency is
A. 60 Hz
B. 50 Hz
C. 25 Hz
D. 16 - Hz
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231. Power for lighting in passenger coach, in a long distance electric train, is provided
A. directly through overhead electric line
B. through individual generator of bogie and batteries
C. through rails
D. through locomotive
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