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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Utilisation of Electrical Energy }

218. When a bogie negotiates a curve, reduction in adhesion occurs resulting in sliding. Thus sliding is acute when
A. wheel base of axles is more
B. degree of curvature is more
C. both and
D. none of the above
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219. Energy consumption in propelling the train is required for which of the following?
A. Work against the resistance to motion
B. Work against gravity while moving up the gradient
C. Acceleration
D. All of the above
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220. An ideal traction system should have
A. easy speed control
B. high starting tractive effort
C. equipment capable of with standing large temporary loads
D. all of the above
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221. have maximum unbalanced forces
A. Diesel shunters
B. Steam locomotives
C. Electric locomotives
D. Diesel locomotives
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222. Specific energy consumption is affected by which of the following factors?
A. Retardation and acceleration values
B. Gradient
C. Distance between stops
D. All of the above
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223. In case of free running and coasting periods are generally long.
A. main-line service
B. urban service sub-urban service all of the above
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224. Overhead lines for power supply to tramcars are at a minimum height of
A. 3 m
B. 6 m
C. 10 m
D. 20 m
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