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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Utilisation of Electrical Energy }

183. Electric locomotives in India are manufactured at
A. Jamalpur
B. Bangalore
C. Chittranjan
D. Gorakhpur
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184. The wheels of a train, engine as well as bogies, are slightly tapered to
A. reduce friction
B. increase friction
C. facilitate braking
D. facilitate in taking turns
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185. Automatic signalling is used for which of the following trains?
A. Mail and express trains
B. Superfast trains
C. Suburban and Urban electric trains
D. All trains
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186. The efficiency of diesel locomotives is nearly
A. 20 to 25 precent
B. 30 to 40 percent
C. 45 to 55 percent
D. 60 to 70 percent
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187. The speed of a superfast train is
A. 60 kmph
B. 75 kmph
C. 100 kmph
D. more than 100 kmph
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188. The number of passenger coaches that can be attached to a diesel engine locomotive on broad gauge is usually restricted to
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189. Which of the following state capitals is not on broad gauge track?
A. Lucknow
B. Bhopal
C. Jaipur
D. Chandigarh
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