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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Utilisation of Electrical Energy }

99. In overhead travelling cranes
A. continuous duty motors are preferred
B. slow speed motors are preferred
C. short time rated motors are preferred
D. none of these

100. Light duty cranes are generally used in
A. automobile workshops
B. pumping stations
C. power houses
D. all of these

101. Heavy duty cranes are used in
A. heavy engineering workshops
B. steel plants
C. ore handling plants
D. all of these

102. Drive which can be used for derricks and winches is
A. D.C. motors
B. slip-ring induction motor with variable resistance
C. pole changing squirrel cage motors
D. all of these

103. Motors, because of their inherent characteristics motor, best suited for the rolling mills are
A. D.C. motors
B. slip ring induction motors
C. squirrel cage induction motors
D. single-phase motors.

104. Motor preferred for kiln drives is usually
A. slip-ring induction motor
B. three phase shunt wound commutator motor
C. cascade controlled a.c. motor
D. all of these

105. Motor preferred for blowers is
A. wound rotor induction motor
B. D.C. shunt motor
C. squirrel cage induction motors
D. D.C. series motor.

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