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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Utilisation of Electrical Energy }

64. In order to have lower cost of electrical energy generation :
A. The load factor and diversity factor should be low
B. The Icoad factor should be low but diversity factor should be high
C. The load factor should be high but diversity factor low
D. The load factor and diversity factors should be high

65. The insulation of the modern EHV lines is designed based on :
A. The lighting voltage
B. The switching voltage
C. Corona

66. The size of conductor on modern EHV lines is obtained based on :
A. Voltage drop
B. Current density
C. Corona
D. and

67. For stability and economic reasons we operate the transmission line with power angle in the range :
A. 10? to 25?
B. 30? to 45?
C. 60? to 75?
D. 65? to 80? Fig. 15.2

68. For a lumped inductive load, with increase in supply ferquency :
A. P and Q increase
B. P increases, Q decreases
C. P decreases, Q increases
D. P and Q decrease

69. The supply voltage I V I in diagram below is :9iW'II K-- 40V -->K---- 70V ?0K-- 100V ?>1
A. 210 V
B. 70 V
C. 50 V
D. 230 V

70. The presence of earth in case of overhead lines :
A. Increases the capacitance
B. Increases the inductance
C. Decreases the capacitance
D. Decreases the inductance

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