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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Synchronous Motors }

106.  If one-phase of a 3-phase synchronous motor is short-circuited, motor
A. will refuse to start
B. will overheat in spots
C. will not come upto speed
D. will fail to pull into step
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107.  If the field circuit of an unloaded salientpole synchronous motor gets suddenly open-circuited, then
A. it runs at a slower speed
B. the motor stops
C. it continues to run at the same speed
D. it runs at a very high speed
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108. In which of the following motor the stator and rotor fields rotate simultaneously?
A. D.C. motor
B. Reluctance motor
C. Universal motor
D. Synchronous motor
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109. The speed of a synchronous motor
A. increases as the load increases
B. decreases as the load decreases
C. always remains constant
D. none of the above
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110.  A rotory converter can be run as :
A. d.c. shunt motor
B. d.c. series motor
C. d.c. compound motor
D. synchronous motor
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111. The maximum speed variation in a 3-phase synchronous motor is
A. 10 per cent
B. 6 per cent
C. 4 per cent
D. zero
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112.  Which of the following resistances can be measured by conducting insulation resistance test on a synchronous motor?
A. Phase to phase winding resistance
B. Stator wnding to earthed frame
C. Rotor winding to earthed shaft
D. All of the above
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