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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Synchronous Motors }

99. Which of the following motors will be used in electric clocks?
A. D.C. shunt motor
B. D.C. series motor
C. A.C. induction motor
D. A.C. synchronous motor
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100. Armature of a synchronous mechine is kept fixed because
A. of reducing number of slip rings on the rotor
B. armature is associated with large power as compared to the field circuits
C. of difficulty of providing high voltage insulation or rotor
D. all of the above reasons
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101.  If excitation of a synchronous motor running with a constant load is decreased from its normal value, ignoring effects of armature reaction, it leads to
A. increase in both armature current and power factor angle
B. increase in back e.m.f. but decrease in armature current
C. increase in both armature current and power factor which is lagging
D. increase in torque angle but decrease in back e.m.f.
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102. Stability of a synchronous machine
A. decreases with increases in its excitation
B. increases with increase in it excitation
C. remains unaffected with increase in excitation
D. any of the above
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103. The power factor of a synchronous motor is better than that of induction motor because
A. stator supply is relieved of responsibility of producing magnetic field
B. mechanical load on the motor can be adjusted
C. synchronous motor runs at synchronous speed
D. synchronous motor has large air gap
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104.  If in a synchronous motor, driving a given mechanical load and drawing current at a leading power factor from constant voltage supply its field excitation is increased, its power factor
A. will become more
B. will become less
C. will remain unchanged
D. none of the above
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105.  A synchronous motor is running with normal excitation. When the load is increased, the armature current drawn by it increases because
A. speed of the motor is reduced ex
B. power factors is decreased
C. Eb (back e.m.f.) becomes less than V (applied voltage)
D. Er (net resultant voltage) in armature is increased
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