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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

365. A bundled conductor has 3 conductors, equilaterally speed as shown above. Ds is the GMR of the ndivideual conductor. What is the GMR of the bundled conductor? Fig. 14.9
A. (Ds x d)1/2
B. (Ds x d)113
C. (Ds x d2)'
D.Ds x d2
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366. In a short transmission line, if the impedance of the line is 0.01 + j0.15 per unit when he load current is 1.0 p.u. at 0.8 lag power factor and the receiving end voltage VR = 1.0 p.u., what is the regulation of the line?
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367. Which one of the following yields the value of the sage of conductors between two poles? (W is weight per unit length of conductor in N/m, L is the distance between two pole in meter, T is the tension in conductor in N)
A. WL2 / 161
B. WL2 / 8 T
C. WL2 / 2T
D. WL2 / T
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368. For nominal n?represention of the transmission lines, the ARCD parameters are relatted to Z and Y of the line, such that C parameter is given by
A. C = 1 + (1/2) YZ
B. C = Z
C. C = Z(1 + (1/2)
D. C = Z(1 +(1 / 4) YZ)
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369. Which one of the following statement is correct? In a load-duration curve the an integrated power system, the uppermost crest represents the energy contributed by
A. base power station
B. major thermal station
C. peaking hydro or gas tubine
D. non-conventional pwer stations
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370. What is / are the disadvantages (s) of Gauss-Seidel method over Newton's metho in load-flow programmes?
A. More iteration
B. More memory requirement and less accuracy
C. Less interations but more memory
D. More accuracy and more memory
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371. If the fault current is 2000 A, the relay setting is 50% and CT ratio is 400 : 5, then what is the plug setting multiplier?
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