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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

323. In an inverse definite minimum time, electromagnetic type over-current relay, the minimum time feature is achived because of
A. saturation of the magnetic circuit
B. proper mechanical design
C. appropriate time delay element
D. electromagnetic damping.
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324. Out of the considerations (a) to listed below,
A. no distance limitation related to steady state stabiloity
B. no reactive power requirement from the system at the two terminals
C. no substantial effect on fault level of the two systems at the terminals inspite of the interconnection
D. no corona problems
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325. In a 3-step distance protection, the reach of the three zones of the relay at the beginning of the first line typically extends upto
A. 100% of the first line, 50% of the second line and 20% of the third line
B. 80% of the first line, 50% of the second line and 20% of the third line
C. 80% of the first line, 20% of second line and 10% of the third line
D. 50% of first line, 50% of second line and 20% of the third line.
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326.  Consider a long, two-wire line composed of solid round conductors. The radius of both conductors is 0.25 cm and the distance between their centres is lm. If this distance is doubled, then the inductance per unit length
A. doubles
B. halves
C. increases but does not double
D. decreases but does not halve
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327.  Consider a power system with three identical generators. The transmission losses are negligible. One generator (Cl) has speed governor which maintains its speed constant at the rated value, while the other generators (G2 and G3) have governors with a droop of 5%. If the load of the system is increased, then in steady state.
A. generation of G2 & G3 is increased equally while generation of GI is unchanged.
B. generation of G I alone is increased while generation of 02 & 03 is unchanged.
C. generation of 01, G2 and G3 is increased equally.
D. generation of G I, G2 and G3 is increased in the ratio 0.5 : 0.25 : 0.25.
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328.  A long wire composed of a smooth round conductor runs above and parallel to the ground (assumed to be a large conducting plane). A high voltage exists between the conductor and the ground. The maximum electric stress occurs at
A. the upper surface of the conductor.
B. the lower surface of the conductor.
C. the ground surface
D. midway between the conductor and ground.
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329.  Bundled conductors aremainly used in high voltage overhead transmission lines to
A. reduce transmission line losses
B. increase mechanical strength of the line
C. reduce corona
D. reduce sag
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