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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

302. HVDC Transmission is preferred to EHV?AC because
A.M4 + M2
B.M4 + M2
C. M4 + M2
D. none of these
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303. The surge impedance of a 400km long overhead transmission line is 400 ohms. For a 200 km length of the same line, the surge impedance will be
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304. The insulation level of a 400 kV EHV overhead transmission line is decided on the basic of
A. lightning overvoltage
B. switching overvoltage
C. corona inception voltage
D. radio and TV interference
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305. In order to have a lower cost of electrical energy generation,
A. the load factor and diversity factor should be low
B. the load factor should be low but diversity factor shold be high
C. the load factor should be high but diversity factor should be low
D. the load factor and diversity factor should be high
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306. The main criterion for selection of the size of a distribution for a radial distribution system is
A. voltage drop
B. corona loss
C. temperature rise
D. capital cost
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307. The insulation resistance of a cable of length 10 km is 1 MO. For a length of 100 km of the same cable, the insulation resistance will be
A. 1 M12
B. 10 Mil
C. 0.1 MO
D. 0.01 MO
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308. For a 500 Hz frequency excitation, a 50 km long power line will be modeled as
A. short line
B. medium line
C. long line
D. data insufficient for decision
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