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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

295. Select the correct statement
A. The higher the initial load, the larger the critical clearing angle.
B. The higher the initial load, the lower the criticalclearing angle.
C. the initial load has nothing to do with the critical clearing angle.
D. The higher the operating time of the circuit breaker, the larger will be the critical clearing angle.
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296. For stability and economic reasons we operate the transmission line with power angle in the range.
A. 400 to 25?
B. 300 to 45?
C. 60? to 75?
D. 65? to 80?
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297. Load flow study is carried out for
A. fault calculations
B. stability studies
C. system planning
D. load frequency control.
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298. For a two-bus system if the change in load at bus 2 is 5 MW and the corresponding change in generation at bus 4 is MW, the penalty factor of bus 4 is
D. none of these
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299. If Pm is the maximum power transferred, the loss on the system is
A. HVDC terminal equipment are inexpensive
B. VAR compensation is not required in HVDC systems
C. system stability can be improved
D. Harmonics ? problem is avoided
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300. A generator is connected to asynchronous motor. From stability point of view it is preferable to have
A. generator neutral reactance grounded and motor neutral resistance grounded.
B. generator and motor neutrals resistance grounded.
C. generator and motor neutrals reactance grounded.
D. generator neutral resistance and motor neutral reactance grounded.
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301. In a 400 kV network, 350 kV is recorded at a 400 kV bus. The reactive power absorbed by a shunt rated for 50 MVAR, 400 kV connected at the bus is
A. 61.73 MVAR
B. 55.56 MVAR
C. 45 MVAR
D. 40.5 MVAR
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