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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

253. Coefficient of reflection for current for an open ended line is
C. ?1.0
D. zero
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254. Leakage resistance of a 50 km long cable is 1 Ma For a 100 km long cable it will be
A. 1 MU
B. 2 MS2
C. 0.66 MO
D. none of these
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255. A voltmeter gives 120 oscillations per minute when connected to the rotor. The stator frequency is 50 Hz. The slip of the motor is
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256. Solution of coodination equations takes into account
A. all the system constraints.
B. all the operational constraints.
C. all the system and operation constraints.
D. none of these
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257. Charging reactance of 50 km length of line is 1500g. The charging reactance for 100 km length of line will be
A. 1500 Q
B. 3000 SI
C. 750 L-2
D. 600 SI
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258. In a two plant system, the load is connected at plant no 2. The loss coefficients
A. B11, B12, B22 are nonzero.
B. B11 and R22 are nonzero but B12 is zero.
C. B11 and B12 are nonzero but B22 is zero.
D. B11 is nonzero but B12 and B22 are zero.
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259. Capacitance of a 3-core cable between any two conductors with sheath earthed is 2 RF. The capacitance per phase will be
A. luF
B. 4 tiF
D. 1.414 IR
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