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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

232. A system is said to be effectively grounded if its.
A. neutral is grounded directly
B. ratio of >3.0.XiX
C. ratio of o > 2.0. Xi
D. ratio of X0 <3.0. Xi
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233. Velocity of travelling wave through a cable of relative permittivity 9 is
A. 9 x 108 metres/sec.
B. 3 x 108 metres/sec.
C. 108 metres/sec.
D. 2 x 108 metres/sec.
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234.  Voltage at the two ends of a line are 132 kV and its reactance is 40 ohms.The capacity of the line is
A. 435.6 MW.
B. 217.8 MW.
C. 251.5 MW.
D. 500 MW.
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235. For a lumped inductive load, with increase in supply frequency
A. P and Q increase
B. P increases, Q decreases.
C. P decreases, Q increases.
D. P and Q decrease.
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236. Corona loss on a particular system at 50 Hz is 1 kW/phase per km. The corona loss on the same system with supply frequency 25 Hz will be
A. 1 kW/phase/km.
B. 0.5 kW/phase/km.
C. 0.667 kw/phase/km.
D. none of these
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237. Most economic load on an underground cable will be
A. greater than its surge loading
B. less than the surge loading.
C. equal to the surge loading.
D. none of these
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238. Self GMD method is used to evaluate
A. inductance.
B. capacitance.
C. inductance and capacitance both
D. none of these
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