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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

190. For remote operation, circuit breaker must be equipped with
A. shunt trip
B. inverse shunt trip
C. time delay trip
D. both (b) and (c) above
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191. Lightining arrestor should be located
A. away from the circuit breaker
B. near the circuit breaker
C. away from the transformer
D. near the transformer
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192. Which of the following circuit breaker is generally used in applications in railways?
A. bulk oil circuit breakers
B. mimumum oil circuit breakers
C. air break circuit breakers
D. none of these
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193. The following medium is employed for extinction of arc in air break circuit breakers?
A. oil
B. air
C. water
D. none of these
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194. In a circuit breaker, the arcing contents are made of
A. aluminium
B. copper tungsten alloy
C. electrolytic copper
D. tungsten
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195. Which of the following circuit breakers takes minimum time for installation?
A. bulk oil circuit breaker
B. minimum oil circuit breaker
C. air blast circuit breaker
D. SF6 circuit breaker
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196. Circuit breakers are essentially
A. current carrying contacts called electrodes
B. arc extinguishers
C. circuits to break the system
D. transformers to isolate two systems
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