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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

134. Pin insulators are normally used for voltage upto
A. 30 kV
B. 50 01
C. 70 kV
D. 100 kV
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135. Conductors used in high voltage transmission lines are stranded to
A. make it easy to handle
B. reduce the cost
C. increase its conductivity
D. increase its tensile strength
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136. Due to skin effect at high frequencies, the effective value of conductor resistance
A. decreases
B. increases
C. remains unaltered
D. may increase or decrease
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137. Surge conductance in power transmission lines is due to leakage over
A. insulators
B. conductors
C. poles
D. jumpers
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138. Charging current in a transmission line
A. increases the line losses
B. decreases the line losses
C. does not effect the line losses
D. none of these
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139. Ground wire is used in transmission syste
A. to avoid overloading
B. to give good insulation
C. to connect a circuit conductor or other device to an earth plate
D. none of these
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140. The current by alternate charging and discharging of transmission linedue to ac voltage is called
A. oscillating voltage
B. charging current
C. line current
D. discharging 'current
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