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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

8. The EHV system is one operating beyond
A. 11 kV
B. 132 kV
C. 200 kV
D. 400 kV

9. The advantage of de systems over ac systems is
A. improved line regulation
B. no skin effect
C. no charging currents
D. all of these

10. Static voltage regulators use
A. saturable reactor
B. integrated circuit
C. microprocessors
D. all of these

11. Which of the following method of generating electric power from sea water is more advantageous?
A. ocean currents
B. tidal power
C. wave power
D. none of these

12. In diminishing value method of depreciation
A. a fixed rate is set aside each year
B. depreciation charges are heavy in early years and maintenance charges are low
C. in later years, maintenance charges are heavy and depreciation charges are low
D. all of these

13. Causes of low power factor are
A. induction motors and arc lamp loads
B. generating equipment during low loads
C. industrial heating furnaces and arc furnaces
D. both A and C above

14. Drawbacks of low power factor are
A. high ratings of generating, transmitting and distributing equipment
B. large voltage drop and poor voltage regulation
C. large copper losses and high capital costs
D. all of these

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