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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

120. Voltage gradient on a transmission line conductor is hightest
A. at the surface of the conductor
B. at the centre of the conductor
C. at the distance equal to one radius from the surface
D. none of these

121. Booster transformer is located at
A. sending end of transmission line
B. receiving end of transmission line
C. intermediate point on a transmission line
D. none of these

122. The transmission line between tower assumes the shape of a
A. parabola
B. hyperbola
C. catanary
D. arc of a circle

123. Voltage control in a power transmission line is achieved by
A. booster transformer
B. tap-changing transformer
C. injection of reactive power
D. all of these

124. Surge impedance of a transmission line is given by
D. 1/

125. In a power transmission line, the sag depends on
A. conductor material alone
B. tension in conductors alone
C. span of transmission line
D. all of these

126. If the span of a transmission line is increased by 10%, the sag of line increases by about

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