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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

113. Diversity factor of a power system is the
A. ratio of sum of consumer's maximum demands to maximum load on the station
B. ratio of average demand to maximum demand
C. reciprocal of (a) above
D. reciprocal of (b) above
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114. The function of guard ring in transmission lines is
A. to reduce the transmission losses
B. to reduce the earth capacitance of the lowest unit
C. to increase the earth capacitance of the lowest unit
D. none of these
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115. Use of bundle conductors causes the critical voltage for corona formation
A. to decrease
B. to increase
C. to remain unlatered
D. does not existent
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116. For maximum efficiency in transmission of bulk ac power, the power factor of the load should be
A. unity
B. slightly less than unity lagging
C. slightly less than unity leading
D. cosiderably less than unity
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117. The surge impedance of a long power transmission line is of the order of
A. 50 S-2
C. 400 fl
D. 800 SI
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118. As the height of the transmission tower is increased, the line capacitance and line inductance respectively
A. decreases, decreases
B. increases, decreases
C. decreases, remains unlatered
D. increases, increases
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119. The corona discharge on transmission lines may be avoided by
A. increasing effective conductor radius
B. increasing the operating voltage
C. decreasing the spacing between the conductors
D. none of these
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