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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

106. All types of tariffs must recover the cost of
A. capital investment in generating equipment
B. operation, supplies and maintenance of equipment
C. metering equipment, billing, collection costs, profit and wages
D. all of these
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107. Factors involved in fixing tariffs are
A. secured return from each consumer
B. simplicity, cheapness and easy explainability
C. incentive to consumers and charge according to use
D. all of these
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108. Depreciation rate is less in the case of
A. diesel engine plant
B. nuclear plant
C. hydro-electric plant
D. steam power plant
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109. Economical loading based on the incremental rate gives
A. maximum conversion efficiency
B. good energy conversion efficiency
C. best system efficiency
D. economical demand factor
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110. Causes of low power factor are
A. induction motors and arc lamp loads
B. generating equipment during low loads
C. industrial heating furnaces and arc furnaces
D. both A and C above
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111. Drawbacks of low power factor are
A. high ratings of generating, transmitting and distributing equipment
B. large voltage drop and poor voltage regulation
C. large copper losses and high capital costs
D. all of these
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112. Power factor of a power system can be improved by
A. using phase advances, static , capacitors, capacitance boosters
B. unexcited synchronous motors on load
C. over excited synchronous motors on no load
D. both (a) and (b) above
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