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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

99. Pilot exciter is used when main exciter is
A. self excited
B. separately excited
C. induction motor driven
D. none of these
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100. Static voltage regulators use
A. saturble reactor
B. integrated circuit
C. microprocessors
D. all of these
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101. Which of the following method of generating electric power from sea water is more advantageous?
A. ocean currents
B. tidal power
C. wave power
D. none of these
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102. Running cost of a power plant is based on the cost of
A. energy of fuel
B. consumable items
C. maintenance and operation
D. all of these
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103. In straight line method of depreciation,the money deposited carries
A. fixed interest
B. compound interest
C. no interest
D. a straight line interest
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104. The book value of plant is
A. cost of plant
B. accrued depreciation
C. difference ofA and B above
D. sum of A and B above
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105. The main objective of tariff is to distribute equatabily the cost of
A. installation and fuel
B. power transmission and distribution
C. supplying energy among the various classification of users
D. energy production among all its consumers
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