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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

92. Moderator used in fast breeder reactor is
A. heavy water
B. graphite
C. both (a) and (b) above
D. none of these
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93. Photo-voltaic cell produces electric energy from
A. electromagnetic energy
B. electrostatic energy
C. geothermal energy
D. both A and B above
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94. Collectors used for collecting solar energy are
A. paraboloid
B. solar radiators
C. flat plate and focussing solar collectors
D. none of these
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95. In MHD generation, emf induced is
A. motionally induced emf
B. static emf
C. Hall emf
D. both A and C above
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96. The principal type of failure in wind power generation is in
A. aerodynamic system
B. electrical system
C. mechanical system
D. both B and C above
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97. The EHV system is one operating beyond
A. 11 kV
B. 132 kV
C. 200 kV
D. 400 kV
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98. The advantage of dc systems over ac systems is
A. improved line regulation
B. no skin effect
C. no charging currents
D. all of these
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