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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Power System }

85. If the inertia constant H of a machine of 200 MVA is 2 p.u. it value corresponding to 400 MVA will be
A. 4 p.u.
B. 2 p.u.
C. 4.0 p.u.
D. 0.5 p.u.
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86. The curve between discharge in m3/s and time is called
A. discharge duration curve
B. hydrograph
C. load curve
D. flow histogram
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87. Energy produced by fission reaction uranium having massof atom m and velocity of light c is1
A. mc
B. ?2 m c
C. mc2
D. ?2mc2
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88. In a nuclear power station, moderator is used to
A. absorb neutrons
B. reduce the speed of neutrons
C. accelerate the speed of neutrons
D. stop the chain reaction
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89. Commonly used atomic fuels are
A. Uranium, U-235
B. Plutonium, Pu-239
C. Thorium, Th-232
D. all of these
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90. The heat produced by 1 kg of atomic fuel is equal to that produced by coal of weight
A. 1 ton
B. 100 tons
C. 1000 tons
D. 4237tons
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91. Coolant used is fast breeder reactor is
A. heavy water
B. graphite
C. sodium
D. none of these
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