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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

36.  Eddy current losses may be minimized by
A. decreasing the resistivity of magnetic medium
B. increasing the resistivity of magnetic medium
C. decreasing the permeability of magnetic medium
D. increasing the permeability of magnetic medium
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37. Maximum relative permeability pr(max) for iron is
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38. Maximum relative permeability pr(max) for numetal is
D. 8 x 105
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39. The most important use of soft magnetic materials is in
A. meters
B. transducers
C. transformers and machine cores
D. transformer winding wire
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40. Transormer cores used at microwave frequencies are generally made of
A. copper
B. ferrites
C. cilicon
D. supermally
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41. Lowest hysteresis loss results in
A. platinum cobalt
B. Mn-Zn ferrite
C. supermalloy
D. alnico
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42. Which of following is the Ohm's law relating the electric field E, conductivity a and current density J?
A. J = ?a
B.(d) J = GE2
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