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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

372. Integrated circuits are economical to use in logic systems because
A. the diffussion process is simpler
B. printed-circuit boards are inexpensive
C. binary circuits are only possible with integrated circuits
D. of the quantity of repeat circuits used in computer system
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373.  An AND circuit
A. is a linear circuit
B. is a negative OR circuit
C. gives an output when all input signals are present simultaneously
D. is a memory circuit
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374.  One advantage of MOS transistor structures in integrated circuits is
A. faster switching
B. less capacitance
C. higher component density and lower cost
D. lower resistance
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375.  One advantage of monolithic integrated circuits for linear applications is
A. a wider frequency range is possible
B. the temperature of all components is of the same order
C. high values of capacitance can be economically fabricated
D. bias stablization can be effected with close-tolerance resistors
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376. Microwave integrated circuits
A. are impossible
B. cannot be used for amplification
C. must be direct-connected
D. can be made using thick film on ceramic
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377. The most important reason for using integrated circuit arrays is
A. simplified processing
B. reduced power consumption
C. higher reliability
D. simplified-circuit design
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378. An element with five valence electronused in the preparation of semiconductor material is
A. silicon
B. tin
C. called a donor element
D. called an acceptor element
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