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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

365. A diffused resistor in an integrated circuit
A. can be any value
B. is formed after the transistor diffusions
C. is formed at the same time as one of the transistor regions
D. can be only p-type
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366. Capacitors for integrated circuits
A. cannot be made using diffusion techniques
B. can be made with very high values of capacitance
C. can be made using silicon dioxide as the dielectric
D. are always discrete components connected externally
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367. Integrated circuits are probe tested
A. after separation into individual wafers
B. to check small-signal ac characteristics
C. to measure indivudual components
D. on the complete slice for dc operation
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368. The greatest cause of unreliability in solid-state equipment is failure of
A. transistor structure
B. wiring interconnections
C. discrete components
D. diffused resistors
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369. Advantages of integrated circuits include
A. high reliability and small size
B. possibility of obtaining close-tolerance resistors
C. ability to withstand high-power curges
D. possibility of reparing individual circuit components
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370. Reliability of integrated circuits can be improved by
A. operation at high temperature
B. additional testing
C. reducing component size
D. reducing the number of interconnections
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371. Most important factor in the relative manufacturing cost of integrated circuit component is the
A. number of electrode connections
B. shape of the component
C. area occupied by the component
D. position of the component on the slice
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