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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions { Material And Components }

358. In processing integrated-circuit slices
A. the slices are never oxidized
B. separate diffusion are used for each component
C. the silicon oxide is removed in final processing
D. the isolation structure is completed first
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359. Silicondioxide is used as a
A. diffusing element
B. mask against diffusion
C. contact metal
D. resistor material
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360.  In a silicon monolithic structure, isolation
A. is necessary because silicon is electrically conducting
B. separates components mechanically
C. is not necessary because the silicon substrate has a high resistivity
D. produces a high resistance, but only between active components
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361. In a monolithic integrated circuit, isolatine can be obtained by
A. a layer of photoresist
B. mounting separate chips on an insu lating base
C. scribing
D. a reverse-biased p-n junction
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362. Transistors for integrated circuits
A. are idential with discrete planar transistors
B. uses a completely different structure from that used for discrete planar transistors
C. are similar to discrete planar transistors but have the collector contact on the top surface
D. are made as separatewafers
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363. In integrated circuits, diodes
A. are double-sided
B. areformedsimultaneously with either the collector or emitter junction of the transistor
C. are formed on top of the silicon-oxide surface of the wafer
D. need a special diffusion process
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364. Diffused resistors for silicon integrated circuits
A. can be accurately reproduced in absolute values
B. can be reproduced with an accurate ratio between their values
C. can be made with values above 1 megohm
D. do not need isolation
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